Monday, October 11, 2010

Was Going Down!!

JayMan is up and at em again! We are launching our marketing materials all up and down the Tri-State area to spread the word of what we do here at JayMan Studios. Please log on to our website and book your session today! We got alot in store for the rest of the year of 2010 and want you to be a part of history! Please feel free to ask questions via our blog and join in on conversation regarding modeling and modeling pics that touch or move you, we love feedback from our subscribers and people we speak with everyday. If you'd like to follow Jayman on Twitter please do at we are on there from time to time giving live updates and love to the people we work with and hope one day that would be you. Shot out da man Newdy who is making things happen everyday in D-Ware with his supernatural expertise in promotion and marketing. Make sure you find this kat if you need to get an event poppin and thank you for taking some time out to shoot with us here at JayMan we wish you the best. Make your mark people don't sleep on us we gonna keep on pushing to perfection till we get where we want, with who we want.

Monday, December 14, 2009

WritersBlocc Songwriter's Extraordinaire

Hello Blog family. We are back once again with another entry to our blog. We want to introduce you all to our friends and family of two amazingly talented songwriters. They go by the name of Ze' and Tara & together they or Writerblocc. Here is their bio containing the creation of a dynamic team.

Based in Philadelphia and Richmond, VA, Writersblocc consists of Charles L. Pierce, better known as Ze’, and Tara Thompson who are both originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Blessed with a wide range of talents, Ze’ knew from an early age that he was destined to share his skills with the world. Coming from a family of creative, determined and driven individuals, he was always taught to “Strive for the best in all that you do”. He began in his adolescent years singing in various talent shows, writing prize winning poetry and exploring every aspect of his talents. He developed a music management and artist development company following his graduation from high school, providing talented individuals such as himself the opportunity to live their dreams. He was introduced further to songwriting through an artist he previously managed, known today as “Jimm Beanz of Sunset Entertainment Group”. Since 2001 he has been consistently writing and working toward making his mark on the industry. In 2004, he obtained a placement in the nominated film “Hair Show” starring comedian Mo’Nique. He has recently obtained 2 placements as a co-writer with “Jimm Beanz” on “Dima Bilan” upcoming album release “Believe”.

Writing since the tender age of 5, Tara remembers feeling most comfortable with a pen in her hand, and has since refused to put it down. Coming from a very musically inclined family of gospel singers, her passion for music first developed in church. Her mother, an aspiring gospel singer and her father, an aspiring music producer, would bring her to the studio where she would meet songwriters and musicians. Their advice and mentoring helped her to decide if a career as a songwriter was something that she really wanted. After being told that she was a talented songwriter and gifted poet, it led to an epiphany in her teenage years when she realized that her heart was devoted to music and that she wouldn’t be happy in any other profession.

Tara and Ze’ joined forces in 2002 when they were introduced to each other through someone who had plans to sign them each as individual songwriters. As singers, songwriters, and vocal arrangers, they began writing songs which covered the R&B, Gospel, and Pop genres. Their talents, creativity, and desire to spread their wings even further, helped them to evolve into writers without bounds, covering many more genres of music which include alternative and international styles. While working with

various artists, and both major and upcoming producers, they continue working towards perfecting their craft. With an unstoppable drive and determination, they are soon to be called the next “go-to” writing team. In addition to that, they seek out to deliver the missing elements in today’s modern music, and to also create a brand of their own that provides a new sound in the music industry. Catchy lyrics, infectious melodies, and a next-level approach to concepts is something that you can expect from this dynamic duo.

To Date the writing duo has and continues to work with Jimm Beanz of Millenium Kidd Music/Sunset Entertainment, Souldiggaz, The Dream Team, Troy Taylor of Songbook Entertainment, Chris Henderson, Neenyo Productions, Big Dawg of Dawgystyle Productions/EMI Music Publishing, Unik of Covea Jiles Music Group (Germany), The Corporates/ Elefant Haus Studios, Lavish Life Productions LLC, and various upcoming phenomenal music producers.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet our new Lyricist Rob Wadda

Hi bloggers, we have someone we would like to introduce you all to. His name is Dwayne Thomas but in the music industry he is called Rob Wadda. Rob and his family immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago moving to Houston Texas at the age of 12 years old. Rob is an everyday guy yet be believes he is destined to do extraordinary things, and we at JayMan Photography believe he is destined for greatness as well.

Rob also became a published poet at the tender age of twelve. About this time he really discovered his love for a variety of musical genres and timeless musical classics. Rob is living proof that versatility and pure artistry is really what the Hip-Hop industry needs. Rob contains an alluring voice along with a multifaceted style that draws you in to listen to the tales ranging from his actual life, world events, and culture, this alone creates a true musical smorgasbord of creativity.

Through his life experiences, which include growing up in three different cities (Houston, New York and Philadelphia) each containing stereotypically distinct hip-hop styles, Rob soaks up everything around him like a sponge and makes it his own. Growing up in some of the roughest areas in those cities, Rob knows the streets and his lyrics paint an accurate description of life in a big city.

Through Rob's musical craft, his blue-collar work ethic and sincere message he deilivers his brand of hip-hop to all those that will listen. Rob has built his success through a worker-like mentality with dedication, passion and 100 hour work weeks. Rob Wadda is clearly an artist worthy of your time and attention. JayMan Photography salutes Rob Wadda and all his efforts to success, best of Luck and continue to strive for excellence.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet our model Asha Narayanswamy

Greetings fellow bloggers, we have another model that we want to introduce you to. her name is Asha Narayanswamy and she hails from Wilmington Delaware. This beautiful vibrant young lady dreams of doing some fashion print work that will help her gain exposure for modeling. Asha is very energetic and very passionate about her dreams of modeling.

We here at JayMan Photography would like to thank Asha for participating in our promotional photo shoot. We believe that Asha has a great look and will surely go as far as she is willing to push herself. Best of luck to you Asha, and if we have any opportunities come our way and we believe you fit what they casting agent/directors are looking for we will pass on the information to you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet our dance model Ms. Christa Campbell

Hello bloggers hope that all is well, we would like to take the time to introduce you to a Ms. Christa Campbell a dancer currently residing in the Philadelphia area. here is some additional information that we have acquired for you our fellow bloggers to read about the individuals that shoot with our company.

Christa Campbell is originally from Wisconsin where she began her dance training locally in Madison as well as at various summer programs, including Virginia School of the Arts and the Joffrey Ballet. She went on to attend Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, graduating with a BA in dance. After graduating she moved to Indianapolis, IN to dance professionally with the Graham based modern dance company Dance Kaleidoscope. Christa then relocated to Philadelphia to pursue her dance career further. Christa has danced with ContempraDance Theatre based in Wayne, PA since 2004 and toured Poland with them during the summer of 2006. She has danced with Vada Dance Collective based in Philadelphia, PA since 2006, with Melange Contemporary Dance Company based in Pottstown, PA since 2009 and with 180 Dance Company based in West Chester, PA since 2009. She has also performed with REALM as a part of the World Dance Extravaganza, with Theatre Mama with which she helped promote the Cirque du Soleil show “KOOZA”, with Public Eye: Artists for Animals, with Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective and as a guest artist with the Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance Company (SVRDC). Christa has also appeared as a dance instructor in the TV commercial for Versa Fit Studio and has performed at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Christa teaches at several area dance schools and is the co-director and choreographer for the ContempraYouth Dancers who performed in Disney in April 2008. Christa’s teaching credits include master classes and workshops for Cirque du Soleil, Marywood University and several local dance schools. In addition to the ContempraYouth Dancers her choreography has been performed by Melange Contemporary Dance Company, Public Eye: Artists for Animals and the Villanova Wildcat Dancers. Christa serves as publicity manager for ContempraDance Theatre and is on the Board of Directors for SVRDC.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Promotional Test Shoot

Hey Bloggers I know that is has been a little while since we have updated our blog, but we just want to fill you all in on some things. JayMan is making some big sure to follow us on twitter Also, we are currently working on our promotional test shoot for the month of October, for more details please send a message to our marketing advisor We are adding new equipment so be on the look out for new and fresh photos.

Also our holiday portrait promotion is going on now make sure you add us on and keep your eyes open people because JayMan is on the move.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meet The Lovely Ladies of Sophistication Defined

Bloggers, I want to take a minute and introduce to you four young women with an entrepreneurial spirit touched with class, integrity and sophistication. The Ladies are: Aisha Simona, Mareesa Morgan, Mia Boyer, and Yolanda McCallum. Together they are the lovely ladies of Sophistication Defined. A partnership that was formed in June of 2009, yet collectively with over 15 years of experience in event planning and marketing.

These ladies have a goal of helping charities and giving back to their community. They have hosted and marketed quite a few events so far and show no signs of slowing down. They contacted JayMan Photography to conduct a great photo shoot of their alter ego's. I must say the shoot went amazingly well and the ladies did an awesome job.

JayMan Photography congratulates the lovely ladies of "Soph Def" on a shoot well done and much success in all that you set out to do. Don't hesitate to give us a call when you are ready to book your next shoot!